Reflections in my mind, thoughts I can't define
My heart is racing and the night goes on
I can almost hear a laugh, coming from your photograph
Funny how a look can share a thousand meanings
Well-intended lies, contemplating alibies
Is it really you, or is it me I'm blaming
A distant memory flashes over me
Even though you're gone, I feel you deep inside

Dance beneath the light with that look in your eyes

I can't stop loving you, time passes quickly and chances are few
I won't stop till I'm through loving you, girl

There's a window in a heart, I've tried to look through from the start
You're never really sure what someone else is thinking
Someone's broken something new, another altered point of view
Just a certain someone's conscience playing

I held it in my hand, I did not understand
What lives inside the wind that cries her name
Tried to catch a shooting star, what seems so close can't be that far
I'm living in a dream that's never ending

Dance beneath the light with that look in your eyes


(Instrumental break)

Dancing with that look that's in your eyes

Chorus repeats 2x

Loving you...

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