Feel the heat - in the street
Find out what your people are sayin'

Feel the heat - in the street
Find out what the people are sayin'
'Bout you! Yeh you

Friends you keep - lie and cheat
Makin' rules for games that they're playin'

When you meet - on the street
You find out all along they're playin'
Me against you

I don't care what they say about me
I've heard that all before
Just make this one exception
Give me your affection
Listen to your heart for what you need

Feel the heat - in the street
You're the one that keeps the boys dreamin'

If you feel the need - come to me
Or you may find what's on your mind
May come true

I can tell by the look in your eyes
There's a fear deep inside
The key to your arrival
In spite of my survival
Is hidden in your dreams and desires

A voice calls out from across the room
She runs away without an answer
She runs away too soon

Somewhere tonight
Someone's crying
Somewhere tonight
Someone's crying

We all belong to someone
Sometimes they're so very far away
You write down words in letters
Not quite sure what they say

You that she needs you
And you miss her in your heart
But a certain feeling lingers
That keeps us miles apart

@1986, Cowbella Music

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