Featuring Shyne

[Puff Daddy (speaking)]
The man you've all been waiting to hear
Check him out

Let it be understood
Bad Boy run this
Brooklyn the A T they pump this
Punch you in your head
With this gun shit
Y'all know I be on some dumb shit
I'ma cold kill the niggas that air the block out
And ten chiller broads that'll wear your cock out
Cost a half a mil
That was me you seen hop out
Stop playin, game over like a lockout
Serious shit
I'm the baddest Bad Boy, period shit
Me and P-U-double-F in the 4 period 6
Knocking Total
Carrying weight, flavor, no doubt

I'm getting tired being tired of your ways
You haven't come home or even called me today
You don't know the pain when I'm being alone
I'm calling out your name when you're not even home

Cause I need you with me babe
Can't see you leaving me babe
Cause I don't know no other road I would go
And I hope your feelings change
Come bring your lovin' back to me
So I can give you what you need and much more

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