Featuring Three Six Mafia

(Indo G)
Now c'mon and tear da club up
Toss and floss 100
Even if you don't want it
But if ya got it flaunt it
Angeldust get the jail break
What the cuff locked up
Snakes can slither like robbers into a bank
My idea of a joke is no high school prank
Call me on da phone and see what ya want

Couldn't alwayz pay ya back
Because I knew you would go by crack
I can't believe that he dropped me
But now I know ya got me ohhhh

(hook-Total and 3 6 Mafia)
Couldn't bring home the bacon
Prepare for a world domination
Couldn't bring home the bacon
Prepare for world domination

Hey baby before we get in the mood
What kind of work do you do?
Can ya bring home the bacon
Or must I do it?

Only U know about what you say boy
Can you bring home the bacon or what


(Gangsta Boo)
Ready to tell you all
That I like to ball take me to the mall?
Bring home the bacon cause satisfaction is waiting
Anticipation can chill wit cream
And still play it all mean
Take it to the wrist the ice and the diamonds
We can do the french kiss once I know what your about
There can be a miracle when you believe
Because I ride in a B-E-N-T-L-E but Y?


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