Tears of hate, blood in my hands
Depraved minds hide the own ignorance
Ghost of the past in a dark nightmare
Ripping brain under the population's stare

Pain, death, mortal history
One more genocide, another tragedy
Tensions and fears in the middle of war
I see my friends die! What's the right law?

Look the pain in my eyes
No one can see me cry?

A lot of money used to kill
Ignorance is helping to make a bloody will
Telling lies in your military speech
I don't believe in you... you great son of a bitch!

Words of command: Obey or die!
The circle never ends 'till the sign of demise
Angels of war spy your fate
Tragic but true and the hell open your gates

Look the pain in my eyes
No one can see me cry
Lack of compassion and charity
Call you warmonger eternally

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