"Full moon shining in the sky
A flickering light in the cold mist
Strange tales of a headless creature
Your panic turns into scream"

Yes, look: what a terrible dream
Shadows in the night, nightmares to sting
Full of sorrows, the demon on his horse
Satanic figure into the soulless corpse
Carring his sword and his bloody axe
Blind by fury looking for something to lack
Killing with hate, fire in his eyes
Ominous thoughts shape the cruelty of this night

When the night comes to the town
Heavy air of sorrows
Bolts and thunders warning the hunter
Feel the curse of Sleepy Hollow

Yes, listen: the gallop of the end
Run to the hills at night, hard breath
Death ripped by the restless avenger
His axe and sword driping for revenge
Pain and greed feed the tree of discord
A lot of cutted heads, blood to disgorge
Evil rules that sickening soul
Dressed in black carring a terrible load


Yes, feel it: the curse start to end
A distant past in the league of grim land
From the depth of the soul he yells
Finish the curse, come back to hell
Now he rests in the hellish fire
Into the tomb, the warrior and the liar
The nightmare in Sleepy Hollow is dead
But the memories continue living in our heads

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