Back to the maternal womb
Looking for an usual bordering
Shouting... Suffering!
Blood's fluxe
Gain the veins and arrive to the heart
Dirty blood for contaminations
Generating anomalies
Decay arrives
Bringing a lot of misfortunes
The soul downs to Hades home
Rotten sociability
Cause disturbances
Among your equals is mortal
Grieves so frozen, insensibles
Depression draws haziness
And of this union sprouts
The death... The end of all
Or another passage
To back again to the womb

Feel the haziness!
My sweet home...
Death is the law!
Torture 'till die!

Risen images
Heinous memories
Careless past
The eye of future
Will almost blind
By slaughters in the past
And atrocities of the present

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