Obscure desire
Intimate of anybody
Intention to finish
With all the life's way

You live to possess for this
Marking in your integrity

Violence open the gates, evil covers your essence
Your eyes closed to the end... living of the fear
Painful moments. The taste of blood
The smell of death... hand that slay

You leave to possess for this
Priest of criminal brutality

"The fear is the only cause of whole evil and desires
no realized...
He creates the war and every more.
It's the motive of the plague and illusions.
The fear is the door...
Only the... fear!" <i>[Nostradamus]

Walking in the streets at night
Spying in the shadows
Like a hungry wolf looking for a victim
Your mind screams for blood
To saciate the pleasure to look
The prey dying in your hands... a fun so sickly

Grim streets
Danger in the air
Shadows confuse you
Scream and panic

You leave to possess for this
Marking your integrity
Priest of criminal brutality

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