You thougt you could see through
All those who would oppose you
And take on dominion
Omit all their opinions
Every time you open your mouth it's to argue
You keep us in line cause what would the world do
without you


So needless, we climb these
Walls you've built to our harm (everyone's)
But you need this to keep your
Hatred out of the wrong

You're searching, you found him
Someone who might be slipping
With your eyes expanded
You want him caught red handed
There's that evil smile you put on when
you've got a victim
And it's been a while since you found one to
hear your sermon


We were all so weak and so fatigued
But you're right cause you say so
Cause your the Pope and it's your papal bull
It's looks like they all grew
A little tired of you
You figured they quit it
Could you just wait a minute
Has it crossed your mind that no one wants to
hear what you think
Cause we all want wine and your giving us acid to
I hope you figure out some day
That you've got way to much to say
And your words can hit so hard

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