Where'd everybody go.
The distance between always seems to grow
And it seems like everybody's gone.
But not me, I'm still around
And nothing could take me from this town
You just had to move on.
Do you remember senior year
When we faced the world tall with no fear?
Well I still remember you
But memories are all I have in view
And I haven't seen you in so long.


And now you're gone
And I feel like the world is taking off
And now you're gone
I haven't seen you in so long and now you're gone.

What's a move? What's a vacation
Is it too much to hope for a reunion
And would we be the only one's that went
I wonder what you'd drive up in
A Rolls Royce or a beat up station wagon
To fit your 14 kids
I think back to when we were young
But those songs have already been sung
Well, you're always on my mind
Cause that's the only place I seem to find you
And I've missed you for so long.


Well I try to close my eyes and see you in my mind
But if you're not there I know it's such a
waste of time.
But it's just my way of trying to hold on.

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