Poor man sits all alone
Counts about nothing he owns.
You see him there but you walk on by
His cup of change is running dry

His whole world is cold and gray
He didn't eat a single thing today
But that don't phase you at all
Cause you got your life together and you'll never fall.


When I see through the eyes of the One who gave us His Son
And loves us all the same, I can't just walk away
Cause how could I defend when I've got so much to
lend So quick to turn my back to anyone that asks

You say he's just a thug
Hooked on alcohol and hooked on drugs
But you're human just like him
And when God gives you His grace
He know that you'll still sin
Don't close your mind so tight
Nothing you say will make it alright
And this person still won't have home
Except these streets that he's always roamed


There's not much difference between us
We're all just drawing straws and he got the shorter one.
We see an ugly dirty bum
It's in your point of view and he's so beautiful seen through...


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