You've got the answer for everything that's wrong with everybody else
You've borrowed insights
Should have borrowed someone else's mouth
And I have
Seen you fallin through the door
When no one would even help you off the floor

You dyed your hair you read Bukowski now and live by every word
You'd look the part
If not for the clothes you wear that you're wearing out
And I, heard from a man named Seth
That life, don't come to those who wait for death

When you kiss and tell
You leave a mark
Til someone else bites your tongue

You've got your poets and now
Your singers singing show tunes in the car
You weren't so clever
In your flowered prints and your ghetto scars

And I, want to watch the sunset on the beach
Yeah, it's always been too far from my reach

You took a turn at Silver Lake
And now you're calling it your home
Too bad you can't grow up
You're growing down in your wedding gown
And I, swear to god I've seen this play before
Yeah, I smelt the popcorn on the floor
When you kiss and tell you leave a mark
Til someone else bites your tongue

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