Ah huh,one time(TOK),two time(TOK)
Ah huh,ah huh

Anytime we get a new gal she haffi tight
face haffi hot and the body haffi right
Whao! eechi keechi I chico,yuh nuh go with
the flow then you're out the door (x2)

Call up the crew we ago plan a kidnapping
Fi every gal wha outta road we wouldn't mind having
Girl like Paula we want inna we cabin
Banging in the cabin, whoppin non-stopping

Craigy T: Yuh haffi hot,yuh phat,yuh haffi burn,yuh haffi chop
Yuh haffi know sey everything wha new
yuh bazzle inna dat,gal,
Whao! listen to the words wha me a chat,
Yuh haffi bash fi spend mi cash,like fire yuh haffi gash

Flexx: Mi just want a gal wha look fine,come join the line,
Pressure dem mind,mi gal yuh just reach yuh prime,
The A+a di good waistline,yuh sun nuh stop shine we
haffi combine

Cho (x2)

Verse 2:
Alistaire: Mi gal from yuh fling it the right way,
Man wi go crazy,T.O.K. say,gwaan yah baby
Hot gal don't stray,yuh nuh inna no ray ray
You come from Buff Bay, yuh hot inna yuh way

Bassie: Di gal dem haffi gash, yes dem body haffi bash
Dem haffi wicked inna bed when dem a see-weh-lash
Mi gal,Whao! when time work deh deh fi mash,
Yuh wi gi mi di glimmity,glammity,sticky-stash

Rep't Verse1:


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