[Intro: Bay-C]
T.OK girlfriend put your hands up
Rudeboy in a the club put your hands up
Put 'em up, put 'em up to the sky
Put 'em up, real high

[Chorus: Flex]
Hey ladies, let me see your hands up in the air
From you know you look good in what you wear
Let me see you wave it like you just don't don't care
Hey gangsters, let me see you buss it in the air
Caw we no see no boy we fear, we're never scared
Let me see you buss it like you just don't care

[verse 1: Craigy T]
A whe me gal dem deh whe come a dance fi show off make me see you get mad in here
And from you know say no gal can't hotter than you gal jus galang bad in here
All gangsters hold unu girl tight, we no want the war in Here, and from you know say a you lock your endz make me see you put your hand in a the air


[Verse 2: Bay-C]
Girlfriend spin your roll, wine up your body get out a control
She goin, she going, she gone....sold
Pretty like money, gal you pretty like gold
big up o the thugz you know how we roll
haffi get a gal because we deh pon patrol
boy stray left him gal too hard she get stole
gal dem love the flex how we cold,
cold like the north pole.


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