Face is in the dirt again
Seems to be a normal trend
I wash in with the tide
You take my fault in stride
Even though I fall so fast
Your love for me has never past

Tripped again
I'm stumbling to the ground
But this time I'm falling forward
I'm falling forward
Took a hit but I won't back down
Cause when I fall I'm falling forward
I'm falling forward

Learn to walk I learn run
Learn to imitate the son
Though I've grown in you
Oh the things I do
Falling for the paupers charms
I should've fallen in your arms

Looking up at the bottom again but that's ok
I'm used to it this way
Spent half of my time at the bottom of the pit
Always confused
Looking ou,t looking in, looking around at the ground around me
Face down is the way you found me
Lost and alone fell away from
Fell down, broke a heart of stone

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