Among The Lazarai (Eternal Reap Sonet I)
An Aistear Deirneach
Autumn's Ablaze
Awaiting The Dawn...
Bitter Harvest
Cast To The Pyre
Ceased, To Decay
Children Of The Harvest
Dark Song
Disguised As Beings Of Light
Enrapture Silence
Ex Opere Operatu
Fallen To Ruin
Forthcoming Centuries
Fuil Arsa
Glorious Dawn
Gods To The Godless
Graven Idol
Hail Unto Thee...Who Travels Over The Heavens
Here I Am King
Hosting Of The Sidhe
Infernal Summer
Journey's End
Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
Mere Are They...
Solitary Mourner
Sons Of The Morrigan
Spirit The Earth Aflame
Suns First Rays
The Burning Season
The Conquest
The Darkest Flame
The Dead Live-Shining Crown Of Night
The Enigma Of The Fall
The Fires...
The Heresy Of An Age Of Reason
The Heretic's Age
The Soul Must Sleep
To Enter Pagan
To The Ends Of The Earth
What Sleeps Within
Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of Time...