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(You Don't Keep Me) Satisfied
25 Or 6 To 4
42nd Street
Ain't No Trust
Behind The Eight-Ball
Beyond The Universe
Busted At The Border
Caught Between The Lies
City Cornered Man
Crime Pays
Down In Desperation
Face To Lace
Forgive And Forget You
Good 'til The Last Drop
Hard Kind Of Woman
Hard Times
House Of Swallow
Just Another Lover
Just When I Try
Let Go
Let The Dogs Loose
Life In The City
Life Is Only A Goodbye
Live With It
Loosen Up Your Grip
Make It Hard
Movin' On
N.Y. You Let Me Down
No Security
Open All Night
Ready To Roll (с переводом)
Save Me
Straight Shooter
Take It To The Highway
Take Me To The Limit
The Darker Side Of Yesterday
The Fire's Burning
Torture Ride
What Mama Don't Know
Whips And Chains
Wicked Love
Young And Useless