death, as long as you're blind
salvation is when you can see
break the circle of lunacy
and he'll bless your soul
with endless pain
dead, begging for life
blessed be the souls that turns black
step out of gods house
and he'll baptize your soul in flames

these hollow saints creates the beggars
the serpent unfolds to erase all the slavery
hierarchy is what he's here to expel
the serpent unfolds to save you from misery

cursed, from what you believe
religious disdain will proceed
search for the evil serenity
and he'll save your soul from being insane
pray, but nothing will change
failure of thoughts you will pay
wake up without a soul
it's of no use to end up this way

he has come to cleanse the world
(to cleanse the world from betrayal and forgery)
he has come to heal the wounds
(to heal the wounds of the earth and uphold all pain)
he has come to tame the weak
(to make them see what the future will bring)
he has come

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