[Brent:]</i> Christ, you've toiled hard. So grab a stool. You
get to buy the first round.

[Jesus:]</i> Guiness Stout?

[Brent:]</i> I'll cleanse your feet with my beer. We'll have
another round, Collin. May I bum a smoke? Thank

[Jesus:]</i> Citizens, the proletariat will rise. Marx was right
to believe in something new.

[Dippy:]</i> Can I quote that?

[Jesus:]</i> Government, reduced to a momentary guard. I was
born just a man within a plan.

[Lippy:]</i> That's with a "J", right?

[Brent:]</i> Christ, the girls are onto you. A godless herd.
But I don't believe in god either.

[Jesus:]</i> And neither do I.

[Brent:]</i> Let's pound some shots of Quervo. I'm always
thinking wrong loaded. So, damn it, come along. We'll

[Jesus, Brent, and the People:]</i> Tralala lalalalalalalala lalalalalala lalala.
Tralala lalalalalalalala lalalalalala lalala.

[Dippy:]</i> Genius, who's your agent?

[Lippy:]</i> Is that in Hebrew?

[Brent:]</i> I'm outta here. Call me a taxi. Christ, my keys.
You sure know how to drink my friend J.C.

[Dippy:]</i> I love you.

[People:]</i> Adieu, adieu, and yes we love you Jesus, too.
Please come back to conclude in lost Hebrew.

[Lippy:]</i> Please, don't leave.

[Jesus:]</i> Thank you much. Come meet my wife at the

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