The Skies of dark gray have vanished from my view
The touch of her warm embrace has left many tears
To be deprived is to remember the pain of one
This winter of black is the harbinger of my fear

With each passing day my love for life withers away
The face of joy I once wore is now only a dream

And with a kiss the darkness began to seal
the bitterness and the joy. (I now know)
My sadness birthed this pain

And with a sigh, the walls of my sanity
collapsed within and without(I now see)
My life will fade away
This is forever

This facade of fading happiness has been shattered
Sense the moon rising over my plains of despair, Eternal
I shall rest in this dead garden decorated with tombs
And await for her arrival from behind the black sun

At last the souls in the candle fade
And my eyes shall rest forever
With the portrait of the shade
Carved deep in my dying soul

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