In the day, in the night
To all, to each thy sadness
For thy words, for thy pain
Shall speak for all time

For snakes of silver throat lie in wait for thee
As I sing a death hushed dirge of suffering, shining gray

On dew kissed mourning grounds I burn the candles black
For the sun shall rise and light this poppied field
And all thy weeping words will flee from thee
For all the sorrow I have known, Shall bleed in silence
And as she sways thee softly in time
I see that I am nothing, but broken shards of emptiness

All I've known, All I've touched
Shall wither in her raven arms
All I've known, All I've loved
Shall perish in the embrace

Yet know I'm dying, dying, dying for....thee
For life is tragedy in remembrance

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