The first one died by strangulation
A puppet for my manipulation
Gone in a moment of mad frustration
But the beginning of my fascination
The Second one died from decapitation
A blood soaked whore, from mutilation
A death too quick for my satisfaction
The next one will serve my twisted passion
The third one I gutted
I laughed as she suffered
Her kicking and screaming
Intensified the feeling
My knife fucked with my passion
As her face I was bashing
Her skin I began feeling
Until I silenced her scream
The fourth one died from my dissection
Butchered flesh my new obsession
Organs used for my consumption
One more for my designation
Grotesque killing
Is my obsession
Power craving
My domination
Murder slaying
For designation
Corrupt feeding
My fascination
Die, You are my fifth victim,
Die, Your death completes my mission
I have chosen your fate
It is too late
Your death creates
The path to designate
I have now killed my Fifth Victim
My slaughter seen as "Disease"
Millions will want to bear witness
The End becoming of me
I am the one they are after
A Serial killer: I be
Forever my actions remembered
With the sound of my name
By the sound of my name.

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