I’ve done so much wrong, it outweighs the (good) I’ve done so much wrong, it outweighs the good
I’ve found the hardest things to do
Are the ones I should.
But you gave me all the grace; I needed to get out.
And I will not forget it Lord, I will walk it out.
The Demon on my shoulder says
"You will pay for this.
Did you think you could escape all the consequences?"
But it is not in me;
it’s in Your grace, that I’m set free.
I feel sick; it’s something I can’t (shake)
I feel sick, it's something I can't shake
And night after night it’s keeping me awake.
Am I sorry that I hurt You,
Or that judgment finally came?
I will not pass it off on You
Cause I’m the one to blame.
I know there’s someway you can turn this around.
Don’t give up on me yet; I’m not yet in the ground.
You've given me one more chance, a million times before.
But I still hear another one, knocking at my door

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