(Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need Lyrics
Lonely man am I
ever since you said goodbye.
girl I know that i should have woke up
Cause it seems now that we broke up
your fairwell kiss is haunting me
my two lips cry out constantly
let your heart, let your heart be your guide
forget about your foolish pride
starting tomorrow i keep telling myself
i'm gonna get out and find somebody else
somebody that's sweet and kind
who will erase you out of my mind
but tell me how can i find somebody new baby
when my two arms keep reaching out for you
and my two lips keep right on repeating
it's you that i need
you know that even when I close my eyes to forget you
i see your face and your memories too
girl I've never felt this loneliness before
and ooooh girl I just can't take it no more
every night a million tears i shed
girl every morning going out of my head
just take a good look and you'll see
what this loneliness is doing to me
(it's you that I need) oooooohhhhoooooo
(don't you know that it you that i need)oooh I can't take this loneliness
( you that I need) oooh baby i need you
(you that I need) ooooooooh
so a fool i'm gonna be no more
cause i'll soon be knocking knocking on your door
gonna get down on my bended knees
beggin' please girl come back to me
its you that I need
girl it's you that I need
girl take a good look and you'll see
what this loneliness is doing to me

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