You ask if I remembered, when we first met.
Girl, tell me how could I ever forget

There, you were standing there.
Aw, with ruby lips and the golden hair.
Your beauty seem to hypnotize me.
I had that feeling I was no longer free.

But when I ask you for a dance. (For a dance)
You wouldn't even give me a chance. (Me a chance)
And it hurt me through and through.
That was the first time I got over you.

You had my heart dingling,
Like a puppet on a string.
To you I meant nothing, darling.
But to me it meant everything.
Girl, you know since then through the years. (Through the years)
I've shed so many tears. (So many tears)
And all because of you, I couldn't cry if I wanted to.

I don't know why I still love you.
'Cause you don't even want me around.
Year after year it's the same o' thing.
You build me up, to let me down.

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