Uh yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Team, Bottles up
Put em up, Yea
Team, Carson
Talk to em

[Clyde Carson:]
I've been patiently waiting
Pacing the pavement
Plottin' out how to put your face in the placement
Something I could play with
Something I could lay
Ma I'm in the club I could find a replacement
Every club, every city we go
Gots to knock something when we out on the road
We got so many hoes from head to toe
Nothing but dimes and time to get some more
Trust me, they all love our style
They scream for Team they all go wild
And dream and creme
They flock in crowds
Here we in the club we see 'em come for miles
From East Side Oakland to the bottoms in the west
We see who could swing, sideshow and ride best
So fresh Team is a household name
Nothing but hot boys in a club full of dames

Ripped in the club
Stay in the club, stay in the club (Yea)
Bottles Up
Get ripped in the club (Team)
Stay in the club, stay in the club (Yea)
Bottles Up
Get ripped in the club (Team)
Ripped in the club (Team) Ripped in the club (Team)
Bottles Up (Yea) Bottles Up (Yea)
Get ripped in the club

[Kaz Kyzah:]
Now check my styles
How I gets down
I gets 'round
I rep Town
How my click clown
Team niggaz is fool's
Got light, got yurple, whatever you choose
Checkin' the shoes
Ape's is bathing
Green and gold, like the A's is playing
I put into layman's for suckers who lame men
They don't understand this Oakland Slanguage
World Premiere been keep 'em waitin'
But I'm back now for you ho-harbors and havens
One call your click over like call waiting
Starring at a stunna, then start gazing
Fact remaining, we got it game
Hoe's wanna say my name, say my name (Kyzah)
I take you mane straight to Maine
What he do? And fuck her down face to frame
Face the lame

Toka Vodka, bottles up
Abosolute on rockers, bottles up
Courvoisier, bottles up
Or Alizae, bottles up
Silver Patron, bottles up
Belle Vetison, bottles up
Cas Creme, bottles Up
Lil' Sirtalin, bottles Up

In the club I'm stuntin'

Off Eighteen-Hundred
Lil' eighty-proof
Or Grey Goose

Bottles Up, Gettin' ripped in the club
Yea, Team

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