Alaska Country
Blossom Lady
Bool Weevil
California Here i Come (at Home,1969)
Demon Lover
Don't You See
Eve And The Apple
Gonna Sing My Song
Hello Darkness
Hot Sand
I Love Voodoo Music (scorpio's Dance1970)
I Saw Your Face
I'll Follow The Sun
I'll Write Your Name Through The Fire (at Home1969)
I'm a Woman
Inkpot ( Inkpot,1972)
Keep it if You Want it (scorpio's Dance1970)
Little Cooling Planet (scorpio's Dance1970)
Long and Lonesome Road
Love Buzz (с переводом)
Love Buzz ( at Home,1969)
Love Machine (at Home,1979)
Love Sweet Love
Mighty Joe
Moonlight Night
Never Marry a Railroad Man
Never Marry a Railroad Man (с табами)
Never Marry A Railroad Man (с аккордами)
Out of Sight Out of Mind
Poor Boy
Rock in The Sea ( Atilla 1972)
Roll Engine Roll (third Album,1971)
Sally was a Good Old Girl
Send me a Postcard (scorpio's Dance1970
Shocking You
Simon Lee And The Gang
Sleepless in Midnight
The Bird of Paradise
The Butterfly And i (at Home,1969)
Tobacco Road
Velvet Heaven
Venus sb
Water Boy (scorpio's Dance1970)