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All Over Now
All The One
All The Way From Tuam (с табами)
All The Way From Tuam
Always Gives Me More
Away With The Fairies
Best Of Friends
Blah, Blah, Blah
Bound To The Peace
Broke My Heart
Carry Me Away
CatríOna Tells Lies
Clare Island
D'ya Wanna Hear My Guitar_
Don't Let Me Down
Exhilarating Sadness
Exhilirating Sadness (с табами)
Freedom Fighters
Galway And Mayo
Good News
Green And Red Of Mayo
Happy Days
Hay Wrap
Heading For The Sunshine
High Nellie
I Hope Well Meet Again (с табами)
I Hope You Meet Again
I Know I've Got Your Love
I Useta Lover
I Want You More
I'll Be On My Way
If Only
Irish Post
It Won't Be Tonight
Joyce Country CéIli Band
Last Summer In New York
Letter From Louise (с табами)
Macnas Parade
Me Heart Is Livin' In The Sixties Still
Mercy Gates
Michael D Rocking In The Dail
Midnight Express
Music I Love
My Heart is Livin (с табами)
N17 (с табами)
Never Mind The Strangers
Nevermind The Strangers (с табами)
Only One Girl
Out For A Smoke
Pied Piper
Presentation Boarder
Red Cortina
Same Oul' Town
Share The Darkness
Sing A Powerful Song
Somewhere Far Away
Still Afraid Of The Dark
Still The Only One
That's What She Said Last Night
This Is Me
To Win Just Once
Tommy K.
Wake Up Sleeping
What A Day
Why Do I Always Want You
Will It Ever Stop Raining_
World Of Good
You Got Me On The Run