Things ain't like they used to be
Love's the only thing I see
Wings of life are taking flight
From the darkness to the light

I used to try and fly away
Upon the flood of dreams
Tasting all the good and bad
From on the serpents tree
Little ones remind us of a place we used to be
Echoes of the ever land
Discover who you areally am

Rivers rushing to the sea
Love is flowing endlessly
Drops of rain are never lost
Soul and spirit to its source
Saw you in a fairy tale
Or was it just a dream
White and yellow jasmine trees
Times a mere machine
Flashes of a new year light up a stellar sky
Love is really everywhere to see it is to fly

Things ain't like they used to be
If you want to you can see
Words of love on chestnut trees
Written by sweet memories

While we are riding on the avenues of time
The bird of life drinks from the cups of wine
Waits until we're ready for
The princes gift of love

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