(feat. CheckMate, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust)
[Chorus: Kardinal]
we notorious
ain't nobody can hang with us
Rascalz, Checkmate, Kardinal and Thrust
Choclair coming down with that northern touch
why you people wanna bang with us
ain't nobody can hang with us
Rascals, Checkmate, Kardinal and Thrust
Choclair coming down with that northern touch, tiggy touch
[Verse 1: Rascalz and Choclair]
check the lingowe spread through the atmosphere
so distinctive no other style comes near
so when you hear you've got to peer over the ledge to get a glance
to know who is the man with the talents
flipping my words like my body on the aparatus
sky's the limit so I'm bound to break through the stratus
with these rhymes that are classics
forget the fads and the fashions
step in and make on the microphone
aiyo world domination is the base of foundation
no time wasting
fire walk we trail blazing
burn to the next destination
flexing on this world exploration
team with the best in the nation
yes and who that be
cause I design fine rhymes into salary
all the way from t-dot to the van city all stars
rude boys freak you like a fantasy
yes from the northwest
and the t-dot, o-dizot check
I like chillin, monday night Raw watching
me and Daneo at the Sky Dome when it's in town
my peoples know I just be regular
so haters start dissin
but steady reciting my lyrics
all with my dick in they mouth
they swallowin
talking bout they need oxygen
people need to know Choclair
don't move in no slow-mo
in vitro like a gyno-colo-gist now
dollars in fist now, how you gonna fee
when you see the six triple-o wheels start to peel
suave dog appeal
y'all know the deal
if you don't, ask my man Y-dog
he'll tell you the circle rides the spot
t-dot represent
slap my northwest connects
Rascalz they make the cash flow indeed
yo, I down the goldschlager, Big C puffs the lie
Choclair with the mouth colorful like the currency
[Verse 2: Checkmate, Thrust]
Yeah, I'm running with these villanous cats son
fly to die, bro, kicking that all about rapture
you heard of killer cats like this
smooth dominating sessions
like hoes get boxers when I'm flexin
dillenger runnin up on ya
so what you thinkin
I got rhymes like politicians steady politicing
stick and move I don't age yo I improve
then maximize my time like we fightin' in the spotlight
aight then who wanna battle you must be trippin
whack niggas should be served an ass whippin
we fortify and get live with niggas
then expand cross seas and over lands
got people in Jamaica, Trini, and London
I bring the soul to the front like Mahalia
curb style will make a nigga buckwild
cold flip and set trip
then I dip and that's it
van city all-stars you know who you are
the notorious superstar
just to see you smile and enjoy yourself
i know you up in here to release yo delf
so I'm frontin with the loot while others got the wealth
I'm in the v.i. undetected like a stealth
girl you got a shape, simply you got a figure
can I zoom zoom lick a shot you puul the trigger
club seeing honey I'll show you something much much bigger
when it's said and done you'll be like ooh that's my nigga
started from scratch you baby blue eyed figure
[EPMD sample] She's a Gold Digger
hard to kill figure
got juice you wanna swigger
we don't answer to them cause we much bigger
the maker of a style that you wanna represent present
in other words I pay the rent
from the past to the present and the future
whatever suits you all the same
this kids's got game

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