As we emerge from the woodwork
Step in to the front
Take control
Its like clockwork
Well I knock first
To pre warn of my presence
About to enter
And overflow the trauma center
So recommend ya to think twice
FitnRedi dishin out rhymes by the slice
But of course
There's a price
For everything now
And with the beats from Kemo
They're made to entice
The fealin of temptation
And the thoughts of should I or shouldn't I
Gotcha complicated
Yea, the rhyme's stated
Opposition cant debate it
The jealous hate it
While the ignorance is there
Rated R for Renegade
Red-1 rock steady
Connect wit the fit
Never miss cause we ready
To grab the mic
And show you who got the clout
Dwell, drown last minute in this world title bout
So sound the bell
An lets do this
Whoever got bones to pick
Like an archiologist
Speak now
While we be on the topic
And if not
Shut ya mouth while we drop it

When I plan my attack I doubt that ya ready
Red-1 and Misfit come into this we rock steady
When I plan my attack I doubt that ya ready
So think it over before you make moves of a soldier

I snatch the mic
With the blindedness
Speed of the mantis
Pray my things dont cross ya path
For bigets
Were in my favor
The closer we stand

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