Its like clockwork movin the hands of time
Four MCs four minds combined in rhyme(x3)

And it goes like this
I'll take it straight to that face plate
Snatch and make it detach (what now)
Cause what i bring's the natural dispatch
I'm magical
Word up I got It like that
I'm just sayin whats on my mind
When I rhyme
And thats the bottom line
Heavy stress got a nigga thinkin that he must be trippin
I'll be runnin rings around the rhymes that they be whippin
And they know it
But still they must be frontin
Cause I'm sayin somethin
That they dont wanna hear
So now theres nothin (nothin)
But opposition to my every way of life
I'm sayin I'm a bring it on cause I must
Yo I'm bustin rhymes
Cause its fresh when you def with linguistic, artistic
I mean this rap thing, is the shit kid (word up)
Gettin paid is a priority
No Doubt
So run that route
Well quit the runnin at the fuckin mouth
Yo It'll never be the same, like it use to be
Too many half steppers that wanna be up in the industry
So yo i drop some science every demo i make
It's like, how you livin homes
Kinda trife and it aint that great
I wanna mansion and a yatch and all that bullshit
The niggas compromise they own integrity to get it
Now maybe thats the price to be paid for the riches
Sell your fuckin soul to the Devil
Now those suns a bitches (word)
Are tryin to tell me that my rhymes is to abbrasive and agressive (what?)
My street warrior attitude aint impressive

I move onto the scene like a graphic
I flow like traffic
I'm at my peak each and ever hour
When I get a rush
I gotta bust with the midas touch
Grab a hold of the steal an grip it with the camels clutch
Let em feel
Hear and bear witness
As I reveal the sickness
That's been quaratined and revealed
When I redeam
By Red who's One with creation
In time in this space
And rhymin a nation
Forever chasin
Hip Hop
Until da final act of death
Takes my last breath
Odesables of saren vega make me go def
With nothin left
But the force that creates life
Which is the soul
Takes me to the next life
Where I will still rock your bone
The side is told
But not beleive
Its the grasp and behold
The energy they envy
Manafested in me
From the donnig of time
'Till the dusk of eternity
Def scripts there will only be

We move like clockwork
Individual gears movin in sync
And executed with procision
The regular recital of rhymes remains
One of the many mechanisms used to escersize the brain

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