Heads up now they’re coming for you
Slip to the basement, my how you’ve grown!
Are you ready and willing? Are you are you… Cain and able?
I’m 26 and time is running out
Any day now I may find my faith to axe that door
Cause you’ve gone and done it motherfucker
They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming to get you

Steering wheel in you lily-white hand
Choke back the tear dear, aren’t you a big girl now?
Throw you parties, throw you parades, throw you grenades
While you blow me kisses with you bible belt hands
I’ll turn this car around and take us home you’ll be sorry
Don’t make me come down there little brother

So where’s your love song now?
Your cookie has crumbled, you sang very soulful thumbs down
So where’s your four part Bach chorales?
Your melody’s dying it’s bankrupt and lying down

Heaven for climate, hell is for conversation

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