If you had gone,
Would there be anyone singing your feats?
If there were days for a while,
Would you try to seek the aim

We have to find
Walking in and walking out
Illusions of our lives?
Is there a chance to find a way?
Play your cards today
The world is here below your feet

If we were here,
Would we try to stop all the worries?
If there were no different ways,
Would we know about the pain

And happiness?
Oh, how I know we have to grow
The end's always a start
Is there a chance to learn from life?
Look out at the mire
We need to live within the pain

Running to do their own
Fighting without an aim
How can we live our lives?
Illusions come from the mind
Since we are not here to stay
Since they aren't here to play
We run on to make a home
Oh, how can we care for now?

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