Word up, Word up
It's like this, ya heard nigga
We done dropped a few hot joints
Blazing da shit
Everybody like, yo
Who's da Lox
What do L-O-X stand for
You about to see in a minute
Everything is real know what I'm saying
We just living off experience, word up

Despite all the bullshit
I thank God
For helping me pull things of when it was hard
Thou shall honor your moms and get scarred
It's the way of the world
It's not a jewel it's a pearl
We feed off what we give off
What we give off
Is what we live off
Seen niggas knock bricks off
Pop clips off
The world is a mystery
When will it get solved
Seems like never
But we built for the weather
Smoke, dope, ready rock
Hit the block like whateva
It's real know
You can get killed for the dollar bill know
When I count mine
I be getting chills know
Wonder how the people who thought I wouldn't make it feel now
And still down
Go ahead wit your weak songs
Type niggas like you
Life be a week long
But we just gonna keep on

Living off experience
No joke cause life is serious
Being broke makes us feel furious
Point blank period
Your curious

[Styles Paniro]
You got the jewels and the cars
But you ain't makin' moves
And you never been far
All you wanna do is buy liquor at the bar
Front for the hoes
I suppose you a star
Never been scarred
But what about your man
Doin' 5 to 10
And he sittin' in the can
Stop eating ham
And when he come home
He don't even have a plan
Cause yall niggas plan
Do you wanna try your hand
Ain't no bluffing wit the L.O.X.
Got plenty of bars ther's nothing you can stop
Probably call the cops
But when they come here
We'll be fuckin' wit the stocks
My man copped a drop just from playing watch
I live off everything I learned from my pops
Like when he wasn't here
And my ass had to eat
My father became the streets
Learned to love beef
Thug wit niggas but keep it brief


If I handled beef like how you handled beef
I'd probably be dead
Drippin' like wax wit a candle lit from my head
But instead
I react code red
Going to war like a muslim
Muthafucker out of Baghdad
You hear this
Who ain't tryna share this
Not one slice
Loose a piece flip it twice
I turn high class chickens
Into messenger pegions
Sheek be too cool
To floss wit a niggas mule
Through experience we learn not to trust those
Gats we bust those
Poison like Aspestos
L.O.X. hold rap down like wrestling
From da top rope
We line niggas up like coke
Steel caged
We keep rage in us like beast
Till we rich
Wit two million in da stash at least


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