What's the deally yo? I gotta squeeze the juice outta the headphones
Yeah (I like that)
Squeeze the juice outta the headphones
Yo, yo yo

[Verse 1]
When you think of me you think of a problem
Who? What? When? and how you gonna solve em
Automatic or revolving
The K I double S and, Here's the lesson
Most beams is infared, but mine's is flourescent
No matter where you go, I'ma spot you
No matter how many people you put me in front of, I'ma rock you
And if you try to be the hard top, I'ma drop you
I got to, treat you like the clutch, and pop you
Creep threw, in the 4-20 with your honey
Cuz you ain't nuthin' but a playboy that turned bunny
And the only the thing left to discuss is more money
In these ??? games these chickens, try to run me
Ya'll know ya'll can't touch us, I flow lushes
It's so real I make her hop out, and get the dutches
I'm sittin on a thousand birds, and I hide from the cameras (why?)
Cuz a picture's, worth a thousand words
Ain't ya'll heard? Ya'll get what ya'll deserved
Ya'll do the catering, while we just get served
And you got some nerve, for P-Hing
Jason, do you have any idea who you facing?
Just something about my shit, you'll never figure out
It's hot it's burning my mouth, that's why I spit it out
It must be, real hard for ya'll to listen

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