[Hook: scratches]
[Jeru da Damaja:]
Competition you wish to take me out...I doubt that you're ready..
When I plan my attack. [gunshots]
[Prodigy:] And that's that

[Rock Shabazz:]
My rimes is like convicts, both fresh out the pen
Locked up inside of bars, terrorizing other men
Who take pride in shame, at they gay pride parade
Abomination to the earth, a dead body and a curse
They sleepin with other men but I'm labeled a homophobic
Like I'm the one with the problem
Like I'm the one with the cock in him
Reportin live from Sodom you got junior high lesbians
Faggots raising children
Even some of your favorite emcees is gay men
(Brothers and sisters! I don't know what this world is coming to)
But welcome to the Terrordome, the Dangerzone
Dungeons of Rap, where fake niggaz don't make it back
Check the stats nigga
Ninety-nine percent of these niggaz is wack rimin'
The other one percent I personally don't like em
Cause every single year, it seems and appears
These rappers chant and cheer for a killer and a queer
But fuck Liberace and fuck John Gotti
Words as sharp as a Gemstar
Bet y'all, that my rusty Bryco. makes wiggers act white
Makes niggaz act right
Coonin for the limelight?
Nigga get your mind right or lose your cred like five mics
Hip-Hop quotables and Unsigned Hype
Ya'll some Comicview jigaboos on the mic
And we Cosby and Pryor
Masters watchin amateurs' corny gimmicks backfire
Better duck or catch iron motherfucka

[Hook: scratches]
[Jeru da Damaja:]
Competition you wish to take me out...I doubt that you're ready
When I plan my attack [gunshots]
[Prodigy:] And that's that

This is the year of the cosmetic thug
Toting guns and buff
Street theatrics in order to create a buzz
Bullet wounds and jail time
Become equivalent to hotlines
Pose with a nine and watch your stock rise
All eyes on these magazine covers
Behind the scene vaseline lovers
They write it between rubbers
Motherfuckaz act like they tired of the wack shit
You sell a couple of records then these hypocrites'll ass kiss
Promoters made the underground corrupt
Now the name's synonymous with you just suck
So its fuck rap for the moment
The Longshots approaching
Witness hell freeze over in hopes heaven notice
Submit inside my pulpit
Or feel the fire from our full clips
That makes you retire from all your bullshit
You never been in the presence of real thugs (No)
Just grown men suckas for love that turned Blood (Imposters!)
And I refuse to be down with your crew
Meanwhile back on the block they're all getting shot

[Hook: scratches]
[Jeru da Damaja:]
Competition you wish to take me out...I doubt that you're ready
When I plan my attack .(gunshots)
[Prodigy:] And that's that

This is perhaps the sickest group ever promoted by a mainstream record company

Now can your mind picture
One room thirty kids
And your lucky if, your teacher speaks english
Now look at the class
Some of them belong in special ed
And some are pregnant
And some of them already did a bid
Think about it
Did the mayor really expect you to pass?
When all the text books are outdated
And belong in the trash?
I don't know, the future is bleek
Nigga I aint lying
Schools been getting shot up around here way before Columbine
Anyway they more like jails, classroom or a cell
Length of a sentence determines if you pass or you fail
Instead of graduation we getting ready for trial
I throw a seat up at the judge
I got a right to be hostile

[Rock Shabazz:]
Little girl, six years old, alone
Watching television
Watching rappers glamorize her father cause he's locked in prison
Up north he's homosexual
Should be home protecting you
But now his friend's molesting you
I creep when he's caressing you
And shoot him in his testicles

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