[Man voice:]
"I say the future is ours...because we got the streets suckas!
Can you dig it? "

Yo yo yo yo
My music'll make you lose your inhibitions
The minute you pump it out your system
Raw adrenaline avoid the knives in your kitchen
Raw energy force blow hinges off of doors
You could come against us or become one with the gods
Lyrical law in this land of savages
We use a abacus to keep our 16's accurate
We firebomb you amateurs
Love me or hate me
Applaud me, adore me, I ignore any glory
Happy as long as homies hold something for me
Nowadays rappers is clones recycling flows
LongShots'll hold it down with the immaculate flow
Yo you stiffer than a statue when the shots is coming at you
Couldn't define every line is holdin wisdom like my back tooth
Innovative creative longshot to make it
Born in this world naked with nothing destined to take it
Fuck if niggaz don't listen if I wrote then its sacred
Longshots kept in the basement with the Elks and the Masons

[Woman speech]

[Rock Shabazz:]
Let saliva
Lubricate my throat while I fire
Rhymes of ammo
Your savage sounds are now N-O-T relevant
Make way for the intelligent, emcees' return
These words we burn through flesh and cranium
Slayin 'em with uranium exposure
Radioactive lyrics from an inner-city soldier
A combination of the elements I spit
Despite a speech impediment
My lips are the rim of a baril that hits
Cassette decks and wrecks the stage
The Longshot set be the sickest next to aids
I'm blessed with holy DNA
Cytosine of a slave, King thiamine
Soldier's adenine, Monk guanine
With ability to find cream, duck si-reens
Then I disappear inside Queens
Resistance only prolongs my lenght, increase my strenght
So stop sleeping and hating and respect my shit

[Woman speech]

We the concrete's elite in the belly of the beast
We speak on mics and spread the word like a disease
We just nice first to bomb like Tel-Aviv
Melt your ice bring the industry down to its knees
Please I'll split you in half like Reeses piece
Bloods and Crips get confused when they see us in 3D
More than likely A&Rs won't like me
Make sure you write me more checks than Nike

[Rock Shabazz:]
Might be the greatest out of Queens since Tribe
Illest since Nas, hardest since the Mobb, Prince and Pharaohe Monche
My bow and arrow bars
Launch a barrage of darts off into your torse
Of course!
We proved we survivors on the streets
Now it's time to show it and prove it while rhyming over beats
You can't stop us or lock us down
Knock us or mock us, clowns we not, we hot
Flooding your block and we ready for war!

[Woman speaks]

[Man speaks:]
"Nah nah nah hold up. This is Industry. Yeah nigga
Industry! And I got a army of bootleggers, yes men
fake ass Djs and bitin-ass emcees to make sure the
Longshots never make it. I sent orders to bring Crayon
and Rock back dead or alive. Matter of fact, when you see
'em, clip em. They don't got a chance"

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