[Man:] Malley? Malley? Any news for you?
[Malley:] Yeah, bad news
[Man:] Gee, tough luck kid
[Malley:] Yeah but I ain't through yet. Before they burn me there's
something I gotta do
[Announcer:] And here's another old friend... devotes his life to righting
wrong, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty..
never seen, only heard... the names of persons and faces
have been altered to protect the identity of those concerned
[Malley:] I ain't scared. I ain't!

[Rock Shabazz:]
Yo! You're now in tune to the sounds of a man
Who ain't never had a full stomach in his whole life
Bred to scar society, I fight, on cold nights for a chance to see the sun
A 9 to 5 soldier, blue collar scholar, on my cot by the window
Watchin the city sleepin, in deep thought, noddin off reminiscin
How my mom used to tickle the ivories of my ribs with her fingertips
When I was a kid to which, she sang a melody
Intrigued by the pain in her voice I asked her what it's called
She paused then responds: it's Hunger Music
Hunger pangs plague the frame of who produced it
Then the strain makes the brain just lose it
The past was a class, the present is a prison, the future is a vision
Livin life is my religion. tighten my belt to the last hole I'm ready for war
In a loincloth, my turn to grab a hold of the conch
The time is upon us, in God we trust
Like a pregnant teen on the bus, nigga all eyes on us

(uh) Cock back and bust, at anyone posing a threat to us
Any and everything is potentially dangerous
When cornered
Me and my niggaz grew up with empty stomachs
By now we wrecked our brains wit hunger pains enormous
Spiritually warring, a lot of young soldiers have fallen
Hoping that heaven would help us to make it out the shelters
Warming my fingers with fire inside I'm slowly dying
Some vow allegiance to riding but reveal they really lying
And I'm trying, but everyday's a struggle
Sometimes I wanna say fuck it and find another hustle
But I can't... I wrote too many raps to look back
Weak minded niggaz think that they can always sell crack
But to exist you must evolve so when you get to this record
My son will be one and I'll probably see the birth of my second
Life under pressure
We pray and hope you get through it
Paragraphs is therapeutic
We prove it though Hunger Music
That makes you hunger for more, coming back through that door
Recognizing the sounds you can't ignore


[Rock Shabazz:]
It's Hunger Music
Hunger pangs plague the frame of who produced it
Then the strain makes the brain just lose it
Just loop it
The vicious circle, over and over
FAMINE strikes your soul, DEATH looks over your shoulder
A WAR going on inside no man is safe from
A DISEASE, you'll die but first you feast
At the last supper
I'll separate the beat
Then pass it around the table cuz my brothers gotta eat
It's Hunger Music, the bassline is the stomach growling
Of a hundred thousand kids in the project housings
The kick and the snare is they feet up the stairs
Run to the fridge, looking for food that isn't there
Sample their pleas, press 'em on vinyls and CD's
Ship 'em here and overseas so the wealthy can see
Niggaz bang your cups against the bars, Longshots against the odds
Slam your spoon against the bowls Break the rules, against the codes
The chances are slim but we rich if we win
So plug in the microphones and let the healing begin
And let it ring from the streets, to the clubs, to the pen
For the Father, son and the holy spirit, amen

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