Sisters! Niggaz! [x2]

[Rock Shabazz:]
I'm the rap Black beast
My family's black sheep
Destined to enter the scene and drop a rap masterpiece
Pack a piece to blast a path through the streets
My pattern of speech is crafted for beats
I want your whole ration to eat
The new chapter on the streets reads "Longshots"
No crack rock or black Glocks, just laptops for have-nots
And still carry sharp rocks to stab cops in the back of they knots
Jackin' top spots whether you like it or not
No videos or radio
I don't need any of those, got plenty of flows
Mafia dons send me a rose
Cause I've got a deathwish, convinced we the next shit
And still resist urges to reach and snatch your necklace
I strangle yes-men, ain't nobody next to me
No psycho thugs or funnystyle cats on ecstacy
Doubting Thomases laugh at my prophetic promises
But even haters become believers when I heal Jesus

Shit on the beat, wrap it and ship it..
I'm a whole different breed of man (ya heard!)
Longshots...flash from the clip
Gotta get it cuz you nah listen (ya heard!)

Niggaz don't recognize who the Longshots are
We the best newcomers in rap by far
These rappers been frontin' on y'all, I put more in these bars
Preparing a bible that dissolves riches and cars
We spittin knowledge like Elijah Muhammad, Martin and Malcolm
Marley and Marvin like Moses lead my people outta bondage
We aim to astonish give 'em no choice to acknowledge
Our ebonics from Queens to Compton finally streets are saying somethin
Not these cliché niggaz giving props to fake niggaz
Hyping up lame niggaz overlooking great niggaz
We smack niggaz who front stomp artificial thugs
Talking about their gats pump when all they do is catch lumps
And you bougie faggot industry niggaz don't do me no favors
I'm nice and gonna make it or spazz like Larry Davis
Eyes on the prize writing scriptures on th road to riches
Screaming out to the top of our lungs we made it niggaz!

Shit on the beat, wrap it and ship it..
I'm a whole different breed of man (ya heard!)
Longshots...flash from the clip
Gotta get it cuz you nah listen (ya heard!)

Them crack rocks and glocks we don't need em
Them magazines for real we don't read em
Them bullshit clubs nigga we gon' leave em
Give me a reason not to start squeezin
Them niggaz is lost son we gon lead em
Them kids is hungry son we gon feed em
We just tryna eat and keep breathin
Give me a reason not to start squeezin

We bringing something to the table
Got these labels out the cradle
Sleeping on us could be fatal
Frontin on what could've paid you
Go ahead and doubt us they called Jesus a liar
Now we in position to give 'em baptisms of fire
We the unbegotten sons of notorious, pac and pun
For the millenium spitting flames like we swallowed the sun
Our time is closing in
We strong and chosen men
Longshots shaking the spot for the 2000 and twin!

[Rock Shabazz:]
I'm fresh off of suicide watch
A hundred shot Glock couldn't make the block hot
Like the Longshots' Rock
Taking back Hip-Hop from you faggots and you crackers
Drama for you thugs, ballers, macks and backpackers
Introducing..The Longshots, Crayon and Rock
Stay on the block, spray on the glock
Play on the lock until the combination pop
We rushing in, begin your end and end where you begin
Without further adue, ladies and gentlemen
The saga begins, begins war
This the First Brick nigga the style is sick nigga..what!

Niggaz! (Fake killas)
Sisters! Niggaz!

[Crayon:] This year I declare war on these fake thugs, fake crooks
niggaz actin bugged with they fake looks
[Rock-S:] This year I declare war on jails, drugs and poverty
All you fake ones don't want no part of me
[Crayon:] This year I declare war on these corny emcees, only
talk about guns and smoking weed
[Rock-S:] This year I declare war on these cops getting badges
off shooting and killing our Black asses. This year. yeah!

[scratches and talk]

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