But what is there... oh for me to do?

[Hook: Crayon]
Born alone in this cold world
Now I'm a grown man
I could die or either try to do the best I can
To feed my family
But its testing my sanity
Can't waste my energy
Locked inside the penitentiary
Slowly I'm falling back
The streets got me trapped
Hoping the Lord got my back whenever I react

Foolish decisions can land you in prison for the rest of you life
That's why I decided to invest in a mic
The ghettos at night
Are filled with loud echos of fights
Two men tussle in a circle
Till one pulls out a knife
Niggaz is hype to see blood come up
Then they sneakers get fucked up
Thirsting for blood
Similar, to a pitbull in hunger
Winter or summer, niggaz locked up
Pop up on the block bagging up product
Becomes common knowledge to the young ryder
Vicious cycle keep turning
In this cypher they learning
The sex, money and murder
Their young eyes observing
Stomachs hurting, using plastic bags for curtains
Yo its colder than a muhfucka
I figure they don't love us
We brothers by hunger
All we got is each other (unh)
You got my back baby I got yours
A 38. and a 9
And we ready for war
And its on
Ready? (I'm ready)
1, 2, 3 GO

[Hook: Rock Shabazz]
Born alone in this cold world
Now I'm a grown man
I can die or either try to do the best I can
To help survive the struggle
But all I see is trouble
Tryna remain humble but even a soldier stumbles
Sometimes you find death is life and life is death
Just figure what's what before you figure out your next step

[Rock Shabazz:]
The world's on my shoulders, my stomach and pockets is empty
More burdens and problems and troubles the whole world resents me
I'm torn and I'm hardened and falling in love with the struggle
Inside my mind it's 1929
Besides, each day bleeds onto the next
Depressed and stressed, life's a mess what's left to exercise
Sleep deprived
Up to my neck in debt I strive
My intellect'll die
Doin dumb shit to survive
Eat one meal every two, sleep once every three, days
My weary feet
Graze these crazy streets
Frustrated, irritated, feeling naked like I'm never gonna make it
Against the world tryna take it
I'm a prodigal child, traveled thousands of miles
Eatin once in a while, never grin or a smile
I been shitted on, pissed on, ripped off, did wrong
And I never begged for a dime
Man I'm ready to grind
In these Biblical times, is you killing or dyin?


[Rock Shabazz:]
Standing by the projects
Ears and nose red, fingers stiff and socks wet
In the rain...
(Rock go home!)
Not yet. When it's on I won't condone and I won't forget
When I was born my Momma barely even broke a sweat
And now it's hard each day I barely make it through the next
I'm far from home

Far from home
All I got is footprints in the snow
Frozen tears on my face
Hands numbing from the cold
Lord knows really how I feel
Rob, steal and even kill to buy Infamil
Rather chill but my son keep crying broke
And know my patience wearing thin like a bar of soap
You know..


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