American Way
Changed And Different
Cool Change (с табами)
Cool Change
Count Me In
Country Girls
Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
Days On The Road
Don't Let The Needle Win
DonÂ?‚¬?„?t Blame Me
Down On The Border
Every Day Of My Life
Every Time I Turn Around
Face In The Crowd
Fall From Paradise
Forever Blue
Full Circle
Guiding Light
Happy Anniversary
Help is on Its Way
Help is on Its Way
Home On A Monday
How Many Nights
I Don't Worry No More
I Dream Alone
I Know It (с переводом)
I Think I Left My Heart With You
If I Get Lucky
Inside Story
It Was The Night
It's Not A Wonder
ItÂ?‚¬?„?s Just A Matter Of Time
Its a Long Way There
Just You And I
L.A. In The Sunshine
Lady (с табами)
Last Romance
Lead Me To Water
Let's Dance
Light Of Day
Listen To Your Heart
Lonesome Loser
Lonesome Loser
Long Jumping Jeweller
Look In Your Eyes
Love is a Bridge
Love Will Survive
Magazine Girl
Man On Your Mind
Man on Your Mind
Mr. Socialite
My Lady And Me
My Own Way Home
Night Owl
Night Owls
Night Owls
No More Tears
No Reins On Me
One For The Road
One Shot In The Dark
Other Guy
Paper Paradise
Parallel Lines
Playing To Win
Please DonÂ?‚¬?„?t Ask Me
Raelene Raelene
Red-Headed Wildflower
Relentless 2
Reminiscing (с табами)
Second Wind
Shadow In The Rain
Shut Down, Turn Off
Sleepless Nights
So Many Paths
Son Of A Famous Man
Soul Searching
St. Louis
Statue Of Liberty
Take it Easy on me
Take it Easy on me
Take Me Home
The Other Guy
This Place
We Two
We Two
Where We Started From
Who Made The Moon
Youre Driving me Out of my Mind