Queen Bodecia is long dead and gone
Still then the spirit in her childrens childrens children it lives on
But if you've lost your faith in love and music the end wont be long
Because if its gone for you then i too may lose it and that would be wrong
Tried so hard to keep myself from falling
Back into my bad old ways
And it chars my heart to always hear you calling
Calling for the good old days
Cos there were no good old days
These are the good old days
And its not about, tenements and needles
And all the evils in their eyes and the backs of their minds
Daisy chains and school yard games
A list of things we said we'd do tomorrow
List of things we said we'd do tomorrow
The arcadian dream so fallen through
But the Albion sails on course
Let's man the decks and hoist the rigging
Because the pig mans found the source
And theres twelve rude boys on the oars
(they're singing "row row row")

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