She takes me on a rockin' stroll
If you won't wave guess I won't know
As by I roll i hope you'll throw a smile at me
Cause this here pram is all I've known
I won't be walking till I've grown
All I been shown is everything I want to see
People's knees
Trunks of trees
Smile at me
Looking upward to the sky
Moving forward all the time
The sidewalk lines gdunk gdunk gdunk gdai
It's warm in here is it cold down there
Around out where i can only stare
I'm still aware of little but I'm gonna try
He kinda shoulda sorta woulda loved her if he could've
The story's getting closer to the end
He ...
He'd rather be alone than pretend
She just wanted him to love her but he didn't
He took to the woods and wandered in it
Walked along and on until they couldn't
Stole himself to tell het that he wouldn't
(walked along and on till his legs couldn't
Stole a voice to tell her that he wouldn't)
I've never been too good with names
The cellar door was open I could never stay away
I know it's probably not my place
It's either or I'm hoping
For a simple way to say
It's a shame about ray
In the stone under the dust his name is still engraved
Some things need to go away
It's a shame...
If I make it through today
I'll know tomorrow not to leave my feelings out on display
I'll put the cobwebs back in place
I've never been too good with names but I remember faces
Waiting for something to break
Left my heart out to bake
Nothing there in my glass
Wasn't never made to last
Hope in my past
All the way down to the lake
Found the lake was wet
How much more could i take
Better yet
Walked back home to my place
Tired of getting high
Guess I don't want to die
Hope in my past
Waiting for something to break
Left my heart out to bake
Slipped my mind that I could use my brain
I'll stay up all night and crash on the plane
A ship without a rudder is like a ship without a rudder is like a ship ...
She's coming over
We'll all go out walking
Make a call on the way
She's in the phone booth now
I'm looking in
There comes a smile on her face
There's still some of the same stuff we got yesterday
I'm too much with myself I wanna be someone else
So we take off out Fiona's door
So we walk until it's light outside
Like before when we were on the phone
We have to laugh to look at each other
We have to laugh cause we're not alone
As the cars fly up King St. it's enough to startle us
It's enough to startle us
I love my drug buddy my drug my drug buddy
I'm lost and the see-through
Pane always needs a bath
Between a want and a need-to
Butterscoth streetlamps mark my path
My country was of thee
Now why'd you have to leave
How'd this come to have to pass
Butterscotch... down
I'm lost and the see-through
Pane always wants a wash
I want a bit part in your life
A walk on would be fine
I just want a bit part in your life
Rehearsing all time
A little more than a cameo
Nothing traumatic when I go
Little more than a stand-in
I won't need reprimanding
She'd shake it up
Was hard to make out now it's plain to see
I couldn't cook to save myself
Found my life a recipe
I never looked at her this way before
But now she's all I see
Alison's starting to happen to me
It's so mesmerizing
Can't describe it all that inside hey
No one's heard her last name
I aint asked so who am I to blame
An earthquake started boiling underneath my feet today
Alison's starting to happen...
This world in topsy-turvy and it is mine to eat
She's a pebble in my mouth and underneath my feet
She's the puzzle piece behind the couch that made the sky complete
Got me watching your eyes watching things go by outside
Out the window of a train
Easy sipping them just seeing it fly left to right
Pour the milk and I'll say when
I'm out wandering around
You're but one thing I've found
I don't mean to bring you down
I'm out wandering around
Kinda hoped you wouldn't blame me
I can't wake up every day and find the same me
You can scream but I'll just dream how you might disappear
All I know is it's never clear
I can't hold you near
You just are not here
Though it wasn't hard or far
I walked you to your car
Thrilled to be in the same post code as you
I tell you things I know you'd like to know
Treat you to cake every night
Suddenly talk and it'll make you fright
Smile at me I'll hold you really tight
Follow you into bed
Run around until morning
We'll stay awake all night
We'll repeat the same stories but of course never in front of friends
How it all started in the kitchen
Remember the time when you said we should wait awhile
You'd let me know when you'd changed your mind
Yeah i was sad for some time
But 12 hours watching me at the wheel made me realize what you really feel
Won't have to hurt anymore
Walking you home on Mt Vernon St.
You told me secrets I was shocked to know
Pretend it was me every night
I'm thrilled to be in the same post code as you
I'll come and visit maybe never go
Follow you into bed...
Started out today jello in the sand
Went out of my way not to understand
Walked into a tree don't you look at me
See I'm not myself phoney mystery
Sore afraid
That's my tune
Ceiling fan in my spoon
Clothed in iron there's no denyin
When you find a bent fork tine

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