"It's About Time"
From: Vidat Bergh ([email protected])
Dmaj7 GaddD
G--2-----2---2--------0- . . . . . .
^ v v ^ v ^
( ^ = Downstroke, v = Upstroke)
Dmaj7 GaddD
Bite my tongue
Dmaj7 GaddD
and I won't say a word against anyone
F#m Bm
but I don't wanna get my fingers wet
GaddD Em
unless it's an accident
fell out on the street
now I'm watching my shoes and I grit my teeth
but I don't have to look that way
if I had half a say
D/F# GaddD
It's about time
D/F# GaddD
It's about time
D/F# GaddD
lick my lips
D/F# GaddD
and I won't hear the end of this
On your knees a reassurance
buy some time and come back for it
before long
before it's gone
patience is like bread I say
I ran out of that yesterday
it's about time
it's about time
enough about us
let's talk about me
if not about you
It's not about sunshine
It's about time
It's about time
touch my leg
It's smooth but there stubble there
I'll fall back and let'em go
only when I know you know
I don't know
make me sure
Have your people contact mine
and keep your lawyer on the line
it's about time (x4)
Dmaj7 : xx0222
GaddD : 320033
F#m : 244222
Bm : x24432
Em : 022000
D/F# : 200232
G : 355433 (played somewhat subdued)
A : 577655 (played somewhat subdued)
"It's About Time"
From: Yamin Jie ([email protected])
But This is how Evan plays it on the "Two
weeks in Australia video"
-x--x--x--x-----this is just the chords no strumming pattern shown
enough about us let's talk about me

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