From: knight_sonix [email protected]

1st stanza:
God has said that we should love one another
That is what they do with each other
But life sometimes might messy and so unfair
They'll be healing you with a smile

But who are they to be so much being care for you
And here they are with a helping hand with you

2nd stanza:
Treasure is not the measure of our differences
Fortune is for those who are friendly
This now the reason why they get on with each other
Coz they seek for that purest thing

And with all their strenght they will rise and fight for you
Giving you all they can to protect you

refrain 1:
And when you feel yourself alone my friend
You need a friend
Someone is there


They were the knights
Your best friend
The young hearts that you can lay on
Yes they were kind
And it's love they share
They bonded together as one
And its all for one and one for all
Says that nothing can let them fall

(Repeat 2nd stanza)

refrain 2:
And when you feel yourself alone again
No body cares
The knights is there

(Repeat chorus2x)

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