Mason Williams


How about them lunch toters, ain't they a bunch? Goin' off to work a-totin' their lunch.
Totin' them vittles. Totin' that chow. Eatin' it later. Totin' it now.
Look at them lunch toters, ain't they funny, some use a paper sack, some use a gunny
Them food frugal lunch toters, ain't they wise? Totin' their lunch made by their wives.
How to be a lunch toter, if I may emote it. Gitchy wife to fix it. Go to work and tote it!


How about them stamp lickers, ain't they champs? Drool, slurp, slobber, lickin' them stamps.
Lickin' them green stamps, lickin' them blue. Lickin' that paper. Eatin' that glue.
Look at them stamp lickers, ain't they gung ho? Lickin' them thrift stamps with they tongu-e-o.
Them lolly goggle stamp lickers, ain't they a rage? Stickin' them licky stamps on that page.
How to be a stamp licker? Don't need a ticket. Get a stamp or two, juice up and lick it!


How about them Hors D'oeuvres, ain't they sweet? Little piece of cheese and little piece of meat!

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