El Matador
The Kingston Trio

Aye, To-ro-ro, she is here,
Aye, Matador.
I fel her eyes;
They are wide with excitement and fear.
I feel her heart
For it cries when the horns are too near,
I will be bold;
Brave and swift will I be,
And I will be nu-mer-o u-no.
To-re-ro fi-no.
She'll dream tonight of me.

Viva El Matador!
Viva El Matador!

Aye,To-ro-ro, she is here,
Aye, Matador.
I see her smile
And I see there the reason she came,
To-ro, come closer,
Come hear and I'll whsper her name.
You may be brave,
And as bold as you're black
But I will be nu-mer-o u-no,
To-re-ro fi-no,
To--ro, come back.

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