What's A Matter You People
Lead vocals - Jimmy/Patricia

Where there is hatred, they sow love
Where there is injury, they sow pardon
Where there is friction, they sow union
And error; truth, and doubt; faith
Where there's despair, they sow hope
Where there is darkness; light
And where there is sadness; joy

What's a matter you people?
What's a matter you say?
What's a matter you people?
It's gonna be a bright, sunshiny day.

Where there is love, there's also pain
I do not seek to be consoled,
As much as to console
Or to be understood as to understand
Or to be loved as to love
For it is in giving, that they receive
And in pardoning that they are pardoned
And in dying they are born to eternal life.

What's a matter you people...

To save one's soul, save one's life
Save one's soul, save one's life...

What's a matter you people...

Pilgrim walking, pilgrim talking, pilgrim walking.

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