From: Anthony [email protected]

Safe until the darkness falls
To loneliness a demon calls
Creeping in, arousing my fears
To breathe a language that no-one else hears

Can I cope alone tonight?
The shrinking violet I've become inside
To you I may seem insecure
But did you know me what I was before?

I remember dancing as a child
A careless confidence danced with me
Whatever happened to the sun?
Only seemed to notice when it had gone

Lead me back to where it seemed
I danced alone in sunlit dreams
Unafraid to play with fire
With a view through a child's eye, naive and wild

Can I...

I remember...

If I ever meet again with her
Could I tell her I could live with her?
If I ever meet again with her
I will tell her I could live with her

I will cope alone tonight
I fight these demons that I've tried to describe

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